Sunday, October 30, 2011

Threadfair and Some Others

Hey guys! Sorry I've been away so long, I "decided" to take a break and then forgot to inform anyone....

But anyway, big news! A friend and I recently submitted four sketches for a student-run fashion show called Threadfair (see this post for more details on the show itself). I got to go see it last year and clap for some of my friends who modeled in it, and it was incredible! We'll be finding out on the first of November if we've been selected to design for the 2012 show and we can't wait! Fingers crossed!

Second, recently came across a fantastic clothing site called Four-Tea Clothing. They've got some amazing stuff and it's not too expensive, so check them out! I do have some other sites to share, but unfortunately this is just a quick post as I've got to do my homework...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Places We Definitely Need to See

1. Dylan's Candy Bar. Because I like candy. And Ralph Lauren. And when girls have names that typically belong to boys (don't ask me why).

2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Because even if Savage Beauty is no longer on display, this place is still amazing.

3. Bendel's. For the obvious reason that this is a fashion blog and it's Bendel's. Also, can you say hundreds and hundreds of Gossip Girl references? (And when I put Bendel's here I am also Sak's 5th Avenue, Neiman's, Bergdorf, and all the rest).

4. The Empire State Building. Because we are still tourists and now way can we miss this.

5. Central Park. Because duh.

6. The Museum of Modern Art. Because I quite like art. Plus it's the freaking MoMA.

7. The Culinary Institute of America (or CIA). Because if I'm not doing design, I'm probably going to be doing cooking.

8. Parsons the New School for Design. Because if this isn't obvious, I don't know what is...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ah, hello again lovelies

Hey there everyone. Again, apologies all round the huge amount of time I have been away. I have been busy with the internship and quite a lot of travel. And I also have terribly exciting news: we'll be going to New York in August! Unfortunately, I have just checked the Met site for Savage Beauty, and we will be arriving just after the exhibit ends. So that is terribly sad.

But clearly it does not ruin this in any way. I will be posting places where I plan on dragging my father, and if you ducklings can think of anywhere we must absolutely go, please let me know!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer begins

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a while; I've been a bit busy lately (my cousin just graduated from college and I've been traveling a lot). But now I'm out in California and my internship will be starting soon, either Wednesday or Thursday. When I last spoke to Yabette (isn't that just the coolest name?), the owner of Swankety Swank, we'd thought I would be just assisting in the store and so on and then perhaps coming in on production days. I'm hoping I get to do several production days because I might just get to help with sewing, which would be awesome.

On another note, I want to share with everyone the website My Parents Were Awesome. It's full of these great old photos people have submitted of their parents, taken with polaroids and other non-digital cameras. The idea behind the site is that digital cameras have sort of ruined family photos and the memories they create. I know, I know, it sounds annoyingly hipster/everything about the past is better than now. But think about it. Old photos are always so much more interesting than photos now, and that's probably because you had to get them developed, or they printed out right away, and you couldn't just delete them like we do now whenever we don't look absolutely perfect in a photo. And so they ended up with way cooler photos than we'll ever have. But at least we can still ogle theirs, right? :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011



Internship and other things

So as some of you may know, I will be interning at Swankety Swank in San Francisco this summer, and I'm muy muy excited. The store is very cool and tiny and I'll likely be either riding the train up there (which is very fun) or staying with some people in town. Most likely the train (or a ride from my padre) because I won't be interning every day. But we shall see!

So in other news, today is the first day of our summer break! I've got a fair amount of stuff going on, but not as much today. No, today I am lusting after several items (read: all the jewelry and most of the dresses) from the Stolen Girlfriends Club lookbooks. Also, my 7 for All jeans from the previous post arrived today and they're very cute! However, I'm not sure if they're quite the style I want, so I may or may not be returning them in exchange for something even better from RueLaLa.

Finally, I just want to say that as this is the summer, I will hopefully be posting more. And who knows, maybe outfit posts will enter the mix.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Click on the caption above to visit RueLaLa, a website that's home to small "boutiques" with clothes on huge discount. Currently, there's a 7 For all Mankind boutique for new members, and it's only open for a little under 22 more hours, as of this post. I'm assuming you all recognize 7 For All, but for those that don't, this is an amazing jeans (and other clothing, but mainly jeans) company that is very nice and very expensive. But on RueLaLa there are discounts on men's, women's, and children's jeans, tops, and shorts and some are even up to $100.00 off. I bought a pair of jeans because, while it's getting ridiculously hot here, as usual, I love 7 For All and will not be able to afford them for a long, long, long time other than now. And now I got them for about $50.00 (including shipping, and there was no tax). Expensive still, but they're great jeans and if they don't fit, they've got a good return policy.